2017/18 Men’s Hair Trends for Autumn/ Winter

2017/18 Men’s Hair Trends for Autumn/ Winter

Men’s Hair Trends at Gary Pellicci Hair Salon in Ongar

Never has men’s hair been so exciting with so many choices for cuts, colours and products and this is only set to continue for the new season. Individuality will be the key and will allow all to find something that works for them. Take note of the following trends and tips brought to you by  Gary Pellicci’s expert hairstylists in Ongar, and you’ll be well on your way to being bang on trend this season!  
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Long Hairstyles For Men

Any length goes but perhaps its how you style it that counts. Longer hair for men has been around
for decades but will continue to be popular this season. Slightly grown out hair which is not too
neat and styled will be popular as it also gives a youthful, casual appearance. Using the right
products is key to styling this look.
In contrast to the tousled messy look the very short buzz and bold cuts will still remain on trend.
Short hair always looks manly and is easy to style and maintain. This look only works if the scalp is
perfectly round, without flat areas, which would only highlight this imperfection even more.

Texturised Hairstyles for Men

Texture, texture, texture! With men’s grooming becoming one of the fastest growing industries in
the beauty world there is an abundance of hair styling products on the market to help you style
your crowning glory. Adding texture to your hair is a great way to quickly change your look and is
set to be very popular this autumn/ winter. Texture can be added to most hair lengths, ask your
hairdresser or barber to show you how to create texture next time you visit them.

Hair Colour for Men

Although many of the bold and vibrant hair colours shown at Mens Fashion week are only for the
brave it does show how peoples perception of mens colour has changed. The demand for mens
colour has grown enormously over the last few years and this will continue to grow this season.
There has never been so many natural tones and shades to choose from for men and many of
these can be done as an express service at your salon or barbers, taking only a few minutes. Grey
& silver shades will be popular this season for the discerning & distinguished gentlemen whether
its natural or enhanced at the hairdressers!