2017 Autumn/ Winter Hair Trends

2017 Autumn/ Winter Hair Trends

2017 Women’s Hair Trends at Gary Pellicci Hairdressing in Ongar

Never has it been so exciting for hair as this coming season with the catwalks exploding with so many options, there is defiantly something for everyone. If you had to summarise the trends for women’s hair next season it would defiantly be ‘The Individual’. Designers are embracing individuality and about being comfortable within yourself and your hair and finding what works for you. Continue reading for more on 2017’s top women’s hair trends, brought to you by  Gary Pellicci’s expert hairstylists in Ongar.

Natural Hair

A key look for this season, and one that will please many due to it being easy to achieve at home. Touchable, free-flowing hair with minimum interference from styling and products. Although minimum effort is required when styling hair maintenance is important with regular cuts and treatments to keep hair healthy and shiny. The natural look will be one of the biggest trends of next season letting the hair speak for itself.

Super Short Bobs

In big contrast to the natural flowing waves, the super short bob is set to make a comeback. To get this look hair shouldn’t fall much past the ear lobe and ends should be blunt with texture and slightly flyaway for a youthful and edgy update on this look.

90’s style bowl cut

This certainly isn’t a trend which keeps appearing season after season but was a refreshing trend that appeared on a number of catwalks. The key is to get the right cut and if successful can certainly make you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons! Whether its choppy, heavy and poker straight or texturised this is a new and exciting trend we can expect to see this winter.

The modern Beehive

This festive season the modern beehive will be a great choice for anyone who needs a statement look at a special occasion. This 60’s inspired look should be created by teasing hair to give height and movement then smoothed over and held with hairspray. Many of the catwalks pushed glamour to the max with bouffant hair and lavish headbands for the wow factor! When it comes to accessorising with headbands anything goes from gems, faux fur or leather there is a headband for all occasions.

Braids are still Big

Always a popular trend in summer for effortless beach hair, festivals and lazy days. However, the catwalks were awash with braids of all shapes and sizes for next season. From dutch plaits, loose messy braids and even rows of tribal plaits it seems that any type of braid will be popular for next season. Braids can work with all hair types so if you have the length this is a quick and easy way to be bang on trend and update your look for the new season.

Sleek Ponytails

Ponytails are seen on catwalks most seasons, in one form or another, and next season is no exception. The key to keeping on trend is to keep it low at the nape of the neck and super sleek. Whether its to the side, middle or tied loosely with fly away strands the key is to keep it sleek and shiny for a super luxe look.


Colour is no exception for next season with something for everyone. From highly pigmented colours such as canary yellow, electric blue and fluorescent pink for the brave, to more reflective hues of purple, green and blue for a slash of daring colour creating an oil slick appearance.

For the more conventional, warm blondes will be popular to tone down the cooler beach blonde shades of summer. In contrast icy platinum will be on trend for the more daring blondes who perhaps prefer to keep away from the warmer blonde tones. Brunettes have never had so much choice when picking a new shade, smoky browns will be popular to add depth and warmth with grey hues or caramel slices.